Red Moon on BBC Sounds

Red Moon, starring Philip Bulcock (THE DARK KNIGHT) and William Hope (ALIENS), is now available on BBC Sounds.

Artwork by @arbernaut

London, 1979. As American and Soviet moonbases aim their missiles at targets across the planet, former MI5 agent Eddie Sloper stumbles across a deadly conspiracy in this alternative-history, Cold War thriller.

Winner of Best Online Audio Drama at the BBC Audio Drama Awards, 2019.

Starring Philip Bulcock, Yasmine Holness-Dove, William Hope and Stephen Critchlow. Written, directed and produced by Robert Valentine. A Wireless Theatre Production.

3 thoughts on “Red Moon on BBC Sounds”

  1. This is not something I would have usually been interested in listening to but I have enjoyed it so much that it will remain in my downloads as long as is possible. To date I have enjoyed listening to it 6 times and it still surprises me and the tension is palpable . A absolute delight and I am so glad I discovered this on BBC radio player. A huge thank you to everyone involved.

      1. Hi Rob Thanks so much for your reply.
        I am still listening to the drama and am still constantly surprised and quite physically drained at the end.
        Audio drama is a huge part of my !I’ve and I haven’t enjoyed anything as much as Red Moon
        My very best wishes to you

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