The BBC Audio Drama Awards 2019: The award for Best Online Audio Drama goes to… ‘Red Moon’.

On Sunday 3rd February, the BBC Audio Drama Awards 2019 took place in the legendary Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House. My series RED MOON was a finalist for Best Online Audio Drama, along with Big Finish’s ATA Girl and Radio 4’s Tracks: Strata. Sharing the nerves and complimentary Prosecco with me were Mariele Runacre-Temple (Wireless Theatre’s founder) and actor Philip Bulcock (who stars as ex-MI5 officer, Eddie Sloper). And to cut a long story short… Red Moon won!

Tracy Ann Oberman announcing the winner of Best Online Audio Drama at the BBC Audio Drama Awards, 2019.
Robert Valentine with actress Nicola Walker, who presented the award.
Photo courtesy of the BBC.
Philip Bulcock, Mariele Runacre-Temple, and me.
The gong.
“(The Judges said…) From adverts for space snacks to messages from the moon, this gripping, witty drama builds an intricate world that does not exist so far from our own. Telling a tale of two celestial bodies in a very different history… the winner of Best Podcast is Red Moon.”
Mariele, Phil and me in shock.

The Jay Raynor Quartet to the left of us, Tracy Ann Oberman to the right…

4 thoughts on “The BBC Audio Drama Awards 2019: The award for Best Online Audio Drama goes to… ‘Red Moon’.”

  1. Congratulations on your award. My wife and I are avid audio drama listeners and thoroughly enjoyed “Red Moon” through BBC Sounds. The best series drama we’ve heard in a while.
    We’re looking forward to more entertainment from Wireless Theatre.
    Well done.

  2. Just finished listening to “Red Moon”. Couldn’t sleep and was casting around the “Sounds” app (still pretty hard to navigate IMO) and came upon this riveting and very satisfying thriller. Marvellous soundscape, perfect casting, no maddening loose ends or continuity slips (even when I read I go back and reread if something doesn’t quite connect and ditto with non-live listening/watching…OCD, I guess…and Red Moon was just so damn GOOD on every level. There were so many serendipities of wit and humour as well as edge of seat moments. Thank you, everyone involved, but especially you, Mr. Valentine, for making a chronic insomniac a happy bunny, indeed. Invigorating – a true tonic for the day ahead!

    1. Thank you so much, Patricia, I’m so happy you enjoyed it. As an occasional insomniac myself, I’m also very glad it helped you in your late hour of need!
      My very best wishes,

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