An Audible US Adventure!

This July, with an O1 visa clasped firmly in my sticky fingers, I was lucky enough to fly out to America to direct a ten-hour, full-cast Audible Original production at Audible Studios, Newark. Staying in Manhattan and commuting on the NJ Transit to Audible’s incredible offices at One Washington Park, the experience was quite honestly one of the happiest directing gigs of my life. With a fantastic cast, a staggeringly organised producer and one brilliant sound engineer, I think we’ve captured something special. Towards the end of the schedule I was even given a tour of the newly-opened Audible Innovation Cathedral, a facility that Ken Adam himself would have been proud of. The currently under-wraps project is now in post-production, and I’m back in the UK with some great memories and good dose of jet lag.

One incredible cast and a very happy director.
Recording almost in the round at Audible Studios. Very actor-friendly!
The talk-back switch always made me feel like I was detonating something.
We had six studio days to get through this monster of a script.
Me getting over-excited at breakfast…
… and misty-eyed when we recorded the final scene.
Audible’s Innovation Cathedral at 15 James St, Newark, New Jersey.
“Paging Mr Bond…”
Window of opportunity…?
The original organ pipes…
… and the brand-new bowling alley.
Enjoying a few well-earned days off after we wrapped, I did some sight-seeing in New York City and couldn’t resist of a snap of this old place.